Friday, September 4, 2009

Five Portraits

She throws her eyes to the sky in exhausted contortions
They fall with the rain to the rest of Manhattan
Riding in sideways glances
And escaping the chance
Of the horror of having to cross where I'm standing
Anyway, there's no one here searching.

No, I couldn't be bothered to come if you called
And I wouldn't be moved if your heart could unthaw
And it made you undress
Then it made you confess
That the hate that you held in your eyes was a test
Let's just say that you'd carry on hurting.

In those cruel summer days
When anxiety preys on the anguish that layers the air and devours the skin,
When the vagabonds played with panhandlers and puppets
And you cast me away without answers or conscience
Their night stripped me naked, your eyes were so vacant
I returned with the sun fragmented and forsaken
And you sighed 'i can't see you again.'

I could blame the two years that rotated like gears
That were rotted and rusted by Time and his fears
Like a mem'ry repressed
Like an accent unstressed
Like a ghost disappears with no trace of his presence
But it was you, who decided instead to not let me in.

Once a ginger-red Sapphire emerged in my hands
And convinced me of beauty and all that's romantic
So I buried my talents with a false sense of self
And I fatally followed the call of the Sirens
Though the sea that I fell in was shallow
It won't drown me again